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  • Travel Guide – Arizona (Scottsdale and Sedona)
    There are a variety of destinations to explore in Arizona beyond the Grand Canyon, which for this trip, is omitted. Scottsdale outside the urban sprawls of Phoenix and Sedona (Red Rock Country) are the highlights of this short 4 day adventure.
  • Photography – Solar Eclipse – June 2021
    On the morning of June 10, the northern hemisphere was greeted with a solar eclipse. For those of us in New York, a partial solar eclipse was visible from sunrise enabling spectacular photo opportunities. This one is taken from Queens overlooking the Whitestone Bridge. The composite was cut short as clouds rolling in took away the end of the solar eclipse for a time lapse, none the less, an amazing experience watching a solar eclipse at sunrise. For more, see the Photography Album – Nature and Photography Album – Composite.
  • Photography – Stars in Flight – May 2021
    After a taking a year off from air travel, its great to be back! Catching a a flight before sunrise, going into sunset or overnight brings many photo opportunities. In a mistake with seat planning, I’ve gotten on the wrong side of the plane to catch the milkway. None the less, early morning over the Atlantic Ocean capturing the beautiful stars over the north sky. What are some of your favorite pictures while flying? For more, see the Photography Album – Nature.
  • Events – Lantern Light Village – Mystic, CT
    Lantern Light Village takes you back in time to celebrate Christmas of 1876. Holiday lighting is replaced with kerosene lanterns and fire pits enhancing the atmosphere of the 19th century. One can also enjoy carriage rides around the village, live music, Christmas-related stories and popular crafts of the time. While this year’s festivities have been altered, the experience is still well worth it. The event is scheduled only on Fri and Sat in December. See the Image Gallery below.
  • Parks NY- Bayard Cutting Arboretum
    Bayard Cutting Arboretum is a NY state park located on the Connetquot River in Great River, NY. The land was gifted in 1936 to Long Island State Parks Commission to develop an arboretum which opened in 1954. Today the park is almost 700 acres featuring the Cutting Mansion, relaxing walking paths, and a farm. Featuring: River Garden Good Views Seating Flowers Brunch
  • Fall Foliage Update October 23, 2020
    Much of the Northeast is past peak and trees are losing their leaves fast. For this week, southern parts of Connecticut, Long Island, northern to central New Jersey, and Central Pennsylvania are prime for peak foliage. Considering where the foliage is at, recommend locations for this weekend are: Hiking NJ- Mount Tammany and Sunfish Pond Loop (Karamac Trail Parking Lot)- June 2020
  • Fall Foliage Update October 8, 2020
    Northern and highest elevations in Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York are past peak color and quickly losing foliage. Southern New York and Connecticut are prime for color this weekend. Long Island and Pennsylvania are estimated to peak in color next week. Considering where the foliage is at, recommend locations for this weekend are: Hiking NY – Buttermilk Falls (Gorge, Bear and Lake Treman) – July 2020 Hiking NY- Windham High Peak- June 2020 Hiking NY – Lake Minnewaska to Lake Awosting – June 2020 Hiking NY – … Read more
  • Travel Guide – Roadtrip to Maine (Acadia National Park and Portland)
    One of the most beautiful and picturesque New England states, Maine is famous for its rocky coastline, mountains, fresh seafood and lighthouse views. Visiting Maine is an experience on its own with its outdoor activities, dining, fairs, festivals and art galleries.
  • Fall Foliage Update October 1, 2020
    Northern parts and highest elevations in Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York are quickly going to Past Peak conditions. The beauty of fall colors is largely visible from about NY state and further north. Next week will be good for Northern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut.
  • Fall Foliage Update September 24, 2020
    As of this week, areas of higher elevation and further north are showing color in Adirondacks of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Michigan. New to this week are Michigan and Pennsylvania. If you know of foliage map location for additional state(s), please let me know with a comment below to add it to the tracker. Thank you!

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