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  • Photography – Solar Eclipse – June 2021
    On the morning of June 10, the northern hemisphere was greeted with a solar eclipse. For those of us in New York, a partial solar eclipse was visible from sunrise enabling spectacular photo opportunities. This one is taken from Queens overlooking the Whitestone Bridge. The composite was cut short as clouds rolling in took away … Read more
  • Photography – Stars in Flight – May 2021
    After a taking a year off from air travel, its great to be back! Catching a a flight before sunrise, going into sunset or overnight brings many photo opportunities. In a mistake with seat planning, I’ve gotten on the wrong side of the plane to catch the milkway. None the less, early morning over the … Read more
  • Photography – Fall Colors – September 2020
    Fall is a fun and photographic time of the year. As the leaves change color, wonderful opportunities appear for artistic freedom. The first photograph is developed using a flash placed behind the leaf to mimic the translucent glow of the sun. Getting the right balance of flash power and shutter speed creates really cool results. … Read more
  • Photography – Milky Way from Acadia National Park – from August 2020
    Capturing the Milky Way is a challenging undertaking that needs to be well planned. There are numerous factors that one has to time just right: Weather conditions – clear skies and low humidity. Higher humidity will add unwanted haze. Time of the year – April through September are the best months. It is impossible to … Read more
  • Photography – Lightning over New York City (Manhattan) – from August 2019
    Dramatic lightning show over the Manhattan skyline producing some very good cloud to ground lightning bolts. As always, safety is first priority and one should never put themselves at risk. These pictures were taken with an automated camera set up keeping human lives safely indoors. For more, see the Photography Album – Nature.
  • Photography – Hard Hat vs Wave – August 2020
    A dramatic picture of fierce ocean waves attacking construction hard hat. Thanks, wifey for the dedicated picture! For more, see the Photography Album – Nature.
  • Photography – Jones Beach – August 2020
    For more, see the Photography Album – Nature.
  • Photography Guide – Capturing Fireworks
    Equipment Proper equipment is key for success in capturing fireworks. As night-time photography has its challenges, the key features to look for is the ability for: Manual Focus Manual Mode (for Exposure and Aperture) Ability to affix the camera to a stationary object Required equipment in addition to the camera: Tripod or means to secure … Read more

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