Happy 4th of July

Wishing all our visitors a safe, healthy, and enjoyable Fourth of July. As we celebrate our Independence Day in the USA, I would like to thank and recognize our closest visitors from Canada and all other nationalities.

Read more for recommending a hike, bike, park, and photography tip for taking pictures of fireworks.

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Norvin Green Forest is a relatively easy hiking area with many options to extend or shorten the hike. You see Manhattan in the distance from some of the views.

Details of my specific favorite trail route can be found at AllTrails.

Total distance: 5.16 mi
Max elevation: 1127 ft
Min elevation: 448 ft
Total climbing: 1568 ft


Why not consider going on the Jones Beach Bike Path from Cedar Creek Park in NY? It is a nice 10 mile round trip path that takes you to Jones Beach. Mid trip break at the gorgeous Long Island beach and head back.

NOTE: Cedar Creek Park does charge a $10 parking fee on entry. There are some side streets where parking can be found.


Longwood Gardens in PA is a great destination rain or shine. The grounds have a vast mix of gardens featuring flowers, shrubs, water displays, and more. In the rain, visit the Conservatory.

Link to Longwood Gardens Official website for more details.

Photography Top Tip

Capturing fireworks with your camera is a difficult task. Autofocus will fail, exposure will be incorrect and the pictures are blurry. Using a cell phone is a lost cause, using a DSLR or mirrorless camera works great. To get good photographs, follow these quick tips:

  1. DSLR or mirrorless camera with tripod mount and manual controls
  2. Manual focus set to infinity or far away object
  3. Set ISO to 100, Aperture to f/8 for full-frame DSLR. Aperture to f/6.3 for a crop-frame DSLR.
  4. Set shutter speed to 4 seconds
  5. Tripod or a means to stabilize the camera
  6. Take well-timed photos!

For detailed guide, read article Photography Guide – Capturing Fireworks

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