Hiking NY- Windham High Peak- June 2020

Windham High Peak is an in-out trail of medium-difficult rating. The terrain is rather easy but does have steady elevation gains to the top keep your body working hard. The trail is 7.19 miles according to my Garmin tracker, even though the trail is rated at 6.6 miles (3.3 miles to peak).

This is a good trail late spring through fall, including summer as the tree cover keeps the trail cool. Winter through early spring has this trail covered in snow and ice and recommend staying away unless you come prepared with the proper equipment.


  • Stream

  • Good Views

  • Wild Flower

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Fun Fact(s):

Windham High Peak is the northernmost peak that makes up the Escarpment Trail, 22.3 miles in total. Previous hikes that make up part of the Escarpment Trail are

Weather Forecast:

Getting Here:

Below is location of the parking lot. Parking here is usually pretty easy as it does not get very crowded. Click on ‘Directions’ to get a Google Maps route to here.

Official Maps:

Trail Map, Elevation and Statistics

Total distance: 7.66 mi
Max elevation: 3478 ft
Min elevation: 1774 ft
Total climbing: 1863 ft

Trail Guide:

  1. [0.0 miles] Trails starts across the street. The trail to Windham High Peak is a blue blaze the entire time.
  2. [0.18 miles] Continue straight following blue. One of several crossing to bike trails. More bike trail crossings at 0.21, 0.58, and 0.84 miles.
  3. [1.36 miles] Little tricky intersection. Go right and then blue trail resumes quickly on your left.
  4. [3.49 miles] Nice view of Catskill peaks to the right. A bit further to left is a north-facing viewpoint.
  5. [3.58 miles] Apex of Windham High Peak. Turn around and head back. If you have the time and energy, you could keep going straight to extend to another peak.
  6. [5.78 miles] Return to trick intersection. Blue is straight ahead but offsets to your right.
  7. [6.35 miles] These are bike trail intersection, continue blue back to the parking lot. Again at 6.59, 6.96, and 6.99.
  8. [7.19 miles] Done


Trail guide.

Trail starts across the street.

Beautiful view of the stream that cuts through the trail at the start. Don’t worry, there is a bridge to easily cross.

Start of the Windham High Peak trail.

One of several bike trail intersections.

Beautiful butterfly in disguise looking like a clean green leaf. If you know what type of butterfly this is, please leave a comment!

Well maintained trail with logs to walk over muddy zones.

Amazing how quickly the trail transforms through this short pine zone. Smell and feel here is wonderful.

South-facing view from Windham High Peak of other Catskill peaks.

North-facing view from Windham High Peak.

Windham High Peak survey marker at 3.58 miles.

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