Hiking NY – Lake Minnewaska to Lake Awosting – June 2020

Minnewaska State Park Preserve is one of my favorite destinations within NY state. Has many gorgeous hiking trails, carriage ways for biking or simply picnicking by the lake. Today’s adventure is a hike to Lake Awosting via Castle Point and returning on Upper Awosting. This is a easy-moderate hike at 12.39 miles. This specific trail can be used for biking.

Park opens at 9am. During weekends, entrance is usually temporary closed by mid-morning for full parking and crowd control.


  • Lake
  • Stream
  • Good Views
  • Wild Berries
  • Wild Flower

Table of Contents

Fun Fact(s):

Minnewaska State Park land was purchased by NY State in 1972 and declared Minnewaska State Park Preserve in 1993. Glaciers formed the landscape of the valley and ridge-line traversed by many hikers today.

Weather Forecast:

Getting Here:

Below is location of parking lot. Click on ‘Directions’ to get a Google Maps route to here. Due to construction, there is limiting parking my Lake Minnewaska.

Official Maps:

Trail Map, Elevation and Statistics

Total distance: 12.74 mi
Max elevation: 2381 ft
Min elevation: 1790 ft
Total climbing: 1461 ft

Trail Guide:

  1. [0.0 miles] From the Lake Minnewaska (upper) parking lot, trail is straight ahead. At the lake, go right following lake in a counter-clockwise direction. In the event starting from Awosting Falls (lower) parking lot, head towards Awosting Falls and then turn right hiking upward on a curving trail to Lake Minnewaska. Adds approximately 0.7 miles.
  2. [0.20 miles] Take the left Y following the red around Lake Minnewaska. Initially, this path goes down towards the swim area.
  3. [0.28 ] Stay left following red to continue going around the lake.
  4. [0.53 miles] Turn right on blue/Castle Point.
  5. [1.17 miles] Keep right to stay on blue/Castle Point. Left can take you back to the Lake Minnewaska.
  6. [4.60 miles] Go right towards Lake Awosting continue to follow blue.
  7. [5.19 miles] Turn left following black/Lake Awosting loop.
  8. [8.00 miles] Stay right following black around Lake Awosting.
  9. [8.37 miles] End of Lake Awosting loop. Turn left following green/Upper Awosting back to Lake Minnewaska.
  10. [9.81 miles] Hike only extension. Go left for Blueberry Run trail. Bit too early for blueberries.
  11. [10.09 miles] Blueberry Run meets Peter’s Kill stream. Turn back around. 
  12. [10.51 miles] Back to Upper Awosting, turn left following green.
  13. [12.12 miles] Back at Lake Minnewaska. Turn left up the hill to back to the parking lot. Alternatively can go right and take a walk around the lake.
  14. [12.39 miles] Done.


Nature Center. Closed for renovations.

View of Lake Minnewaska.

Trail around Lake Minnewaska.

Turn off to blue/Castle Point.

Overlook additional land of Minnewaska State Park Preserve.

Overlooking two other trails at Minnewaska State Park Preserve. Millbrook Mountain (upper) and Gertrude’s Nose (lower). Gertrude’s Nose is another highly recommended hike.

Butterfly, laurel swallowtail?

Sneak peak of Lake Awosting.

View of Catskills in the distance.

Blueberries growing… soon.

Looks like a vulture, couldn’t get a good close look.

Stunning. Previous photo was from the top of the ledge.

Lake Awosting.

Ducklings roaming around Lake Awosting. Cute.

Peter’s Kill view from where I stopped on Blueberry Run before turning around to Upper Awosting trail.

Another view of Peter’s Kill.

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