Hiking NJ- Mount Tammany and Sunfish Pond Loop (Karamac Trail Parking Lot)- June 2020

Located on New Jersey side of the Delaware Water Gap, this is a difficult, 12.77 miles, 2,900 feet hike. Rewarding views from Mount Tammany and Sunfish Pond.

COVID-19 has limited parking. Typically, one will park near Mount Tammany trail head by Exit 1. This hike started at Karamac Trail Parking Lot adding 2 miles. Come early as Mount Tammany parking lot is known to fill up by 9:00.


  • Lake
  • River
  • Stream
  • Good Views
  • Wild Flower

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Fun Fact(s):

With a peak elevation of 1,526 feet, it is the southern most peak of the Kittatinny Mountains.

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Getting Here:

Below is location of parking lot. Click on ‘Directions’ to get a Google Maps route to here.

Official Maps:

Trail Map, Elevation and Statistics

Total distance: 13.58 mi
Max elevation: 1642 ft
Min elevation: 441 ft
Total climbing: 3335 ft

Trail Guide:

  1. [0.0 miles] Trail entrance to yellow trail easy to located.
  2. [1.32 miles] Turn right following white/AT (Appalachian Trail). Leads you to base of Mount Tammany trail.
  3. [2.45 miles] Trail merged with blue, keep going straight. Continue to follow white/AT.
  4. [2.73 miles] Split left continuing to follow white/AT.
  5. [2.86 miles] Reached base, look for red/Mount Tammany trail head on your left.
  6. [4.02 miles] Can turn right go downhill for some nice views of Delaware River and Mount Minsi.
  7. [4.20 miles] Reached peak of Mount Tammany. Red trail ends. Follow blue/Blue Blaze Trail.
  8. [4.51 miles] Turn left following blue to Dunnfield Creek.
  9. [5.70 miles ] Arrived at Dunnfield Creek. Turn right following green to Sunfish Pond.
  10. [6.03 miles] Careful, green goes up the stairs.
  11. [6.57 miles] Trail crosses the stream. Stream can be deep at some crossing. Personally soaked my hiking boots. Additional stream crossings at miles 6.99, 7.46, 7.47, and 7.88.
  12. [6.83 miles] Don’t go on red, continue on green.
  13. [9.03 miles] Turn left at the T towards Sunfish Pond. Going right takes you on a loop around Sunfish Ponds, adds 1.5 miles.
  14. [9.10 miles] Sunfish Pond, time to turn around following white/AT.
  15. [11.39 miles] Turn right at intersection following yellow. The yellow markers can be seen little bit into the trail.
  16. [12.77 miles] Finish.


Perfect day for a hike

Early view of Dunnfield Creek

Some muddy sections, overall trail is in great condition

Trail head entrance for Mount Tammany. Due to COVID-19, this is a one way trail going up on red and down on blue.

Rewarding view from Mount Tammany

Take it easy, parts of blue are rough going down

Blooming mountain laurel flowers

At Dunnfield Creek, blue ends, green trail starts to right

Dunnfield Creek, next hour or so of the trail is along the creek.

Stairs by Dunnfield Creek

Downed trees. Trail is clear, some small trees to climb over or under.

Eastern newt

One of few passes across the creek

Sunfish Pond – glacial pond with natural acidic composition.

Artistic spot along the white/AT of stone piles.

Hike coming to end


Mountain laurel flowers

Quaker ladies flowers

Sheep laurel flowers

Wild geranium flowers

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